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Car Accident Lawyer Phone Number – Being a lawyer, one has a crucial role in protecting the interests of clients and companies in court matters. Legal practitioners are responsible for providing legal counsel and representing clients in various areas of law, including civil, business, family, and IP law. Their primary duty is to research and analyze legal issues, draft legal documents, and present cases in a court of law. Lawyers are also required to stay up with the latest law developments and interpret legislation to specific cases to guarantee optimal outcomes for their clientele.

TOP Car Accident Lawyer Channelview USA 2023

No. Lawyer Area of Expertise
1 David F. Bienvenu Commercial Litigation, Litigation, Insurance, Personal Injury Litigation, Defendants
2 Daniel J. Caruso Commercial Litigation, Insurance Law, Litigation, Construction
3 M. Claire Durio Commercial Transactions / UCC Law, Real Estate Law
4 Benjamin R. Grau Construction Law, Litigation, Construction
5 Jay H. Kern Construction Law, Litigation, Construction
6 Douglas R. Kinler Mass Tort Litigation / Class Actions, Defendants, Product Liability Litigation, Defendants
7 Susan B. Kohn Mass Tort Litigation / Class Actions, Defendants, Personal Injury Litigation, Defendants, Product Liability Litigation, Defendants
8 April A. McQuillan Product Liability Litigation, Defendants
9 Denise C. Puente Commercial Litigation, Construction Law, Litigation, Construction
10 M. Davis Ready Commercial Litigation
11 Douglas W. Redfearn Insurance Law, Product Liability Litigation, Defendants
12 Robert L. Redfearn Commercial Litigation
13 H. Bruce Shreves Arbitration, Construction Law, Litigation, Construction, Mediation
14 John F. Shreves Elder Law, Tax Law
15 Douglass F. Wynne, Jr. Construction Law, Litigation, Construction

On this occasion, we will be talking about Car Accident Lawyer Phone Numbers to all of you. Before that, let us first find out about the benefits of employing the assistance of an attorney as follows:

Merits of utilizing the attorney’s assistance

Prior to delving into Car Accident Lawyer Phone Numbers, it’s vital to get acquainted with the pros of hiring a legal representative. Here are some advantages that you ought to know.

Do you have a legal problem? Engaging the services of a legal professional could be the best solution. Below are some benefits of employing the expertise of a legal practitioner: 

1. Expert Legal Knowledge 
Lawyers have extensive experience and profound knowledge of the law. They can provide you with precise counsel and help you understand the complicated legal jargon. 

2. Representation in Court 
If you need to go to court, having a legal representative in your corner can make a huge difference. They can present your case effectively and improve your odds of winning. 

3. Negotiation Skills 
Lawyers are trained in negotiation and are able to assist settle conflicts outside court. Legal practitioners have the ability to assist you in achieving a favorable settlement without having to go to trial. 

4. Saving Time and Money 
Hiring a lawyer can in fact reduce both time and money in the end. Legal professionals have the ability to assist you in avoiding costly mistakes and unnecessary delays. 

5. Emotional Support 
Legal issues can be emotionally taxing. Having a lawyer by your side can provide moral support and help you manage complex legal proceedings. In conclusion, using the services of a legal professional can give you peace of mind and assist you in achieving the best potential result for your law matter.

Top Car Accident Lawyer Phone Number in US 2023

Looking for a reliable lawyer? Take a look at these leading legal practitioners based in your area: These legal practitioners have extensive experience and specialize in various areas of law, making them experts in their respective fields. Whether you facing criminal allegations, divorce, commercial conflicts, or other legal matters, these lawyers can provide professional assistance. That’s all about Car Accident Lawyer Phone Number at this time, as well as hopefully this was beneficial and informative to suit your needs.



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